About me

Since from a young age, I knew to strive for entrepreneurship. While the other children played with dolls, I designed my own collections. At age of 15, I was selling jewellery of my own making at events and market square. In 2016, I started my studies in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. with the aim to one day be at a place where I could be creating something beautiful for a living. After my graduation as a jeweller and precious metal designer in 2020. the next spring I fulfilled my dream to start up my own jewellery business – Silja’s Design.

Silja’s Design brings the most beautiful moments and tranquillity of nature into jewels. Nature gives us strength, peace and freedom. These three themes are also embodied in my jewellery to remind us of the unforgettable moments that nature offers.

Nature is genuine. It doesn’t divert, embellish or save us from tears – for better or for worse. Thus it is one of the most important things in my life. Nature always gives to its fullest. Similarly, each jewel and its story are a part of me and my memories. And now they can be a part of you too.

Silja’s Design – Your Nature in Jewel.