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A moment of silence.
Ground coated in ice crystals.
Fresh freezing air.
Feels like breathing for the first time.


a tiny sparkle inside of you.
A hunch, a thought, a burning will.
The fever of the flame is flickering.
Shine – you deserve it.


Rise like the wind.
Let the trees yield for you,
the clouds stand down before your power.
The roar of your steps carries far out ahead of you.
You´re unstoppable. So, fly.



Every journey starts with a step.
Slopes reshape the landscapes
Breathe with ease, this path is yours.
Choose your direction bravely.


Close your eyes for a moment.
Let yourself become lost in the sing of the waves.
You’re floating.
And let the waves be your guide.


You see the Sun waiting for you at the horizon.
You feel the warmth flickering over the fields.
It’s a sea of flowers.
You cross the meadow gently like a wave.



You’re standing on a beach, the water is still.
Mist floats around you calmly, reaching for the cloulds.
Everything inside you still, like time itself lost all meaning.
There’s only this moment, clouds wrapped in mist.


Labrador teas and weather-beaten pines whisper to you.
The scent of the mire transcends you to another world.
Cottongrass sways in the wind quietly.
Makes you relax.

Primeval Forest

Underneath you hand, the bark of trees in a forest.
The trees arch over you to be your roof, your shelter.
You’re quiet, listening, observing.
Primeval forest grants you its eternal wisdom.



The roar of the rapids carries far.
The endless stream carves its path into the landscape.
You’ll push through, go wherever you want.
Your resilience cannot be dampened.


You lean against a sturdy rock wall.
The gray stone pulsates with the core of the planet.
Fractures and cracks speak of a life lived.
Of strength and survival.